About SVAR

About SVAR

Our IT & ITES company has been focusing on using technology to help businesses become more efficient. We apply our solid expertise throughout the product development life-cycle and beyond as value addition to all our client-partners and support on their way to success. We serve clients from small family businesses to market-leading enterprises.

We are different from other companies because we have developed our own core frameworks in areas such as CMS for Web, e-Commerce, Online Market Places, Human Resources, Real Estate and Online News Media. In this way, we do not depend on third party frameworks for most of our development needs and deliver more robust end-product to the clients rapidly.

We have competent offshore development partners in India for support whenever we need to urgently scale-up the development and deployment operations.

we build long-lasting relationships with our clients and that makes us most proud in our efforts. We put special care into fully understanding all of our clients’ needs and by entrusting your business development to SVAR LLC you can feel safe about its future.

Our Approach:

We work to deliver profitability in your business – with effective communication, consulting and interactive solutions. Following an Agile Work Approach, we make sure you get the ideal solutions at minimum expenses.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to grow with our clients. We believe that any company which do not innovate into the insights of the future technology would not be doing justice to itself and its clients. Therefore no matter what, we invest ample time and money on research and development to advance the future technology and drag it to the present.

Our Mission:

We work to be the best in what we do. We work to ensure each client, irrespective of the budget and size, is treated as the top priority. Our sole mission is to provide solutions that bring value and profitability to your business and at the same time we strive to focus on protecting the environment by conserving energy.